Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MAC A Fantasy of Flower Lipsticks

Hey Treasures, how are you all lovelies doing?  We are getting ready to say good bye to April.  I hope you had a great month and are ready to welcome in May.  I am not a fan of the summer at all. Here in California, we are getting a sneak peak of summer, we are having 90° weather all week long. The crazy thing is that on Friday night we had rain and it was windy. 

So anyways, my shopping madness continues but I am planning a no buy next month HOWEVER, MAC is coming up with some amazing collections that I need to buy so I don't know how that will go for me. 
I will be sharing about the beautiful MAC collections coming up on the blog so be sure to check back.

Before I share about the upcoming collections and even though I am late to the party, I purchased a couple of lippies from the A Fantasy of Flowers collection.  They are sold out on the MAC website but thanks to lovely social media, Instagram @mrsaguila09 and what they call #makeupexchange, I was able to buy a couple  from Meli C. @sexxymakeupswhore702

Naked Bud and Dreaming Dahlia
I have to be honest, I have been out of the loop on MAC stuff. I love MAC but I had been staying away and just trying out more Avon and Mark products since I do sell it and it is much easier on my wallet. 
Just really quick I want to share that right now you can get these lovely bag for free. 
 See details on my website. 
Ok that was my Avon commercial and moving along with my MAC lippies!
Top is taken with a flash and Bottom with no flash, using my camera phone, Nokia Lumia 920

These lipsticks are Lustre Finish which give you some color and texture.
The Nude Bud description is, Neutral Sheer Nude.  I have pretty dark lips so it is exactly that on my lips, a sheer nude. 
I paired it with Avon Glimmersticks Lipliner in Nude.
The Dreaming Dahlia description is, Sheer Red Coral. 
My description of these would be compared to that of a tinted lip balm. A creamy sheer finish.
There are or were a lot more beauties to this collection which is described on the MAC website as,
"A glorious garden of irresistible shades unfolds, its hidden pleasures unearthed as delicate pastel Pigments unfurl and the dewy sparkle of Cremesheen Glass casts a luminous gleam. Rose-coloured hues burst from lustrous Lipstick, while a heavenly hybrid of Mineralize Eye Shadows blossoms with natural splendour. Cheeks are kissed with the graceful glow of Mineralize Blush, and vivid pops of colour flourish as Fluidline and Nail Lacquer bring this flowery fantasia to life."

Since I am late to this A Fantasy of Flowers party, did you get anything from this collection?  Let me know what you are loving or not loving from MAC right now.  I'd love to hear since I have been out of it for a little bit.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mighty Leaf Tea Giveaway

Hey Treasures,  I am once again bringing you a giveaway!

Welcome to the Mighty Leaf Tea Giveaway! Tales From A Southern Mom had the great honor of trying and reviewing the wonderful teas from Mighty Leaf! Everyone from all parts of the world loves tea! These tea flavors are far superior to most teas you will find out there.
I am co-hosting this tea giveaway and so glad you stopped by for this. Please be sure to click on the entry form for your chance to win.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pampered Chef Haul

Hey Treasures,  today I wanted to share with you about my The Pampered Chef haul.  In case you are not familiar with The Pampered Chef, it is a direct selling company of kitchen tools. This is a snippet on the About us page from my consultant's website.
"We believe that multipurpose tools are the cornerstone of an efficient kitchen, and we're committed to developing timesaving tools, tips and recipes that enhance shared mealtime and suit busy lifestyles."

If you love to cook you have to check out The Pampered Chef.  They have some very versatile kitchen gadgets.  I own quite a bit of them.  I have yet to purchase a big item.

So if you want to see more details on the items I bought most recently (pictured above), here is the list, I may have left a few out but these are some of my favorites.

Round Scrub Brush
Ice Cream Scoop
Fruit & Cheese Cutter (One Of My Favorites)
Color Coated Utility Knife, Green
Smooth-Edge Can Opener, White (Also available in Blue)
Egg Separator

My consultant is very sweet. Her name is Licette and I have nothing but good to say about all our interactions.  She offers amazing customer service and I love dealing with her. She doesn't know I am blogging to promote her but that's what bloggers do. I hope you will get to know her as well.

You can follow her on Facebook, Pampering Meals, One Family At A Time.  She shares some really great tips and recipes on her page.

So I just done a Catalog Show with her last month and decided to do a live cooking show.  The theme was Mexican Fiesta and she made a delicious Enchilada Casserole in the microwave.  It was really good and she used the Rockcrok® Dutch Oven which I am getting for 60% off as the host during this month of April, regular price is $135 and I get it for $54, score!!!!
Safe to use on the stovetop, oven, microwave, broiler and grill.
If anyone would like to place an order, my show is open until Tuesday. 
Here is the link, www.tinyurl.com/victoriaaguila then click the "shop now" button.

Let me know if you have heard of The Pampered Chef and if so what your favorite item is.

If you have any questions let me know or you can reach my wonderful consultant, Licette on her THE PAMPERED CHEF WEBSITE. I know she will be happy to help you.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Moody Sisters on Open Sky

Hello Lovely Treasures!! It's been some time since I sat and took time to blogity blog about Life as Mrs. Aguila and I am so sorry about that but hopefully you keep up with me on social media which to be honest I have been laying low on as well.

I will say that I have been busy shopping, shopping, shopping and shopping. Been receiving so much happy mail. Yes I call it happy mail even if I buy it! (Happy Face)

Today I wanted to share with you about two things and one is a small business, Moody Sisters, that specializes in naturally organic skin care items.
I found this skin care through Maria-Isabel's blog Agape Love Designs.  She had a review and a giveaway and one of the entries was to follow this shop on Open Sky. Here is a video about OpenSky.

I hadn't heard of it but in order to follow the shop I had to create an account and so I did. I quickly started to love this platform.  Some of the buzz in the press on this is, "OpenSky is creating a marketplace for indie brands to flourish." and this pretty much sums it up for me "If eBay and Facebook had a baby it would look a lot like OpenSky."  I love eBay and I love Facebook and pretty much all social media so you can understand why OpenSky quickly is growing on me.

You can create your account here with my Referral Link and if you do please let me know.

They run some pretty awesome promotions and send you a lot of emails and because of it, I was able to order a few items from Moody Sisters that I had been eyeballing.  I just ordered it on Thursday and today it has already arrived. Very impressed and I can't wait to try this stuff.

I ordered the Coffee Body Butter. I think this is pretty cool, "Handmade fresh weekly with natural earth-derived and kid-friendly ingredients."  So this says that it, "Turn that cottage cheese into silky brie" 
And this is the description from the site,
"Some of us have more cottage cheese cellulite on our butt and thighs than we’d like to admit – and let’s be frank – only baby butts look cute with dimples! Never fear, the Moody Sisters are here to stimulate and hydrate your skin with our natural coffee body treatment! Our coffee-infused oil, natural Shea butter and pure essential oil combinations have all the important nutrients to naturally make those cottage cheese thighs melt into some sexy, creamy brie."
Sorry for the blurry photo I think my lens is dirty.
I also ordered the Dry Shampoo from Moody Sisters. I usually use the spray dry shampoos and my hair is very oily so it is must have for me especially because I color my hair and love red hair so I can't wash my hair daily so dry shampoo is my best friend. The dry shampoo from Moody sisters is pretty interesting as it is not a spray. It's actual powder and the container is very packed and comes with a cute puff.
Here is the video they share that I actually just found and so glad I did because I was a bit perplexed on how it would work out for me without creating a mess and wasting product. I haven't tried it but here is the link to the how to video.
Ok and the description on this item is,
 "From Greasy to gorgeous in 60 seconds."
"You wake up at 7:45 in a panic -- apparently someone set the alarm clock for 6 PM, not 6 AM. We know it wasn't you. You skip the shower, throw your clothes on, happen to look up while brushing your teeth and realize that the hairball of grease in the mirror is actually the top of your head. KEEP CALM! Our organic natural and vegan Dry Shampoo will instantly absorb oil, and leave your scalp feeling and looking fresh and clean."

I will do a review on this items once I start using them.

I want to hear from you, do you use Dry Shampoo? Are you on OpenSky yet?  Talk to me treasures and thanks for stopping by.