Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sharing is Caring {Subscription Version}

So the first one is JustFab and I think I have shared about it before. Here is some information about them from their site.
"Did you know that most department store shoes sell for 5X MORE than what they cost to make? We don't think that's fair. Do you? At JustFab we deliver designer quality at an amazing price. How? It's simple. By cutting out the middlemen and working directly with the same manufacturers that make your favorite designer brands, we offer shoes that are identical in quality, exclusive to JustFab, and only a fraction of the price.

We've said goodbye to middlemen and ridiculous markups. Instead, we design and manufacture our own shoes and sell them exclusively at JustFab. New styles each month delivered directly to your door. Always $39.95"

I have quite a bit of the shoes from here and the most recent pair that I want to add to my collection are these BUT I am on a no buy (extremely sad face) because I have been looking for shoes like this for sometime now.

I know for this one I am late to the Ipsy Party but JUST IN Case there is anyone that has not signed up I wanted to share this one. (Big Smile)
Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here:
I see a lot of Bloggers, YouTubers and IGers post about their Ipsy bags. I had got an invite sometime ago but they said I had to be on a waitlist. Finally I was able to sign up last month and this month I am waiting for my very first Ipsy Bag. Yes I am excited to receive this in the mail especially since it is NO Buy July. Yes I have to keep saying this to remind myself. One week down, 3 more to go.
If you already subscribe to it, let me know your thoughts if you are interested in subscribing, use my referral link;  Please and Thank you!

This one is pretty new to me, LIP MONTHLY, "Everything Lips! Every Month!"
For only $10/month, LipMonthly helps you discover the best lip products on the market. Every month we’ll send you a unique box straight to your door and help you discover the best of Lip Glosses, Lip Sticks, Lip Balms, Lip Stains and much more.  Check it out here:
I seen one of the bloggers I follow on Instagram post her box and I just had to check it out. I have tried signing up but I keep getting an error, waiting to hear back from customer service BUT I did sign up as an ambassador and earned a box for free so I am very excited about that.  Visit their website for more information and you can also like them on Facebook.
Let me know if you have heard of this subscription box, are signed up for it and/or what do you think about it.
Lip Monthly

Well this is all for today. You can check out yesterdays, Sharing is Caring, if you missed it and check back tomorrow for the Sharing is Caring Continued.

Let me know what subscriptions you love. I'd love to hear about it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sharing is Caring

Hey Treasures,  today I thought I would do a post regarding some awesome sites that I use and that reward you for shopping and sharing. I am doing that NO BUY JULY challenge thingy and so I have to find something to occupy my time. So just so you know if you do sign up, I hope you will use my referral links so I can get the rewards (each site is different regarding rewards) Once you sign up with these sites you can start sharing and earning the same way. 
First up is  This one is for all my online shoppers. If you shop online at all, you need to be signed up with My friend Andrea shared about it on Facebook I think and so I checked it out. This was in May. I am sharing my account information thus far. I have also shopped at JCPenney, Sears and Ulta. I have earned $10 just for going to and looking up the retailer I am going to shop at and clicking the link. It's that easy. 

 Ebates Cash Back Summary
  • $6.28 Pending Cash Back
  • $0.27 Build-A-Bear Workshop 
  • $0.63 Nordstrom                                                         
  • $1.08 Groupon                                                         
  • $4.63 Big Fat Payments
  • 8/15/2014 Next Big Fat Payment Via Paypal
  • $10.91 Total Cash Back
The motto for is, "Where it pays to shop online"  The only thing is that they only send you the money quarterly via PayPal so if you don't mind having the money stored up there then go ahead and sign up here HERE.
Next one is GROUPON I know most people already have an account but in case you don't, I encourage you to browse the deals they have for your area and if you see any you are interested in please use my referral link to sign up and purchase the deal.   I am always browsing the deals.  I have bought many deals from Groupon including Starbucks deals, Sephora deals, spa deals and local foodie deals plus many others.  Even when I was in Vegas, I shopped and purchased some deals for a hair salon and a couple restaurants.
They have Food and Drink Deals, Thread deals, Beauty and Spa Deals, Automotive Deals, Date Night Deals, Girls Night Out Deals, Foodie Deals and Nester Deals.
You can also pair up your shopping with Groupon shopping and get some extra money back.

Well I hope that you will enjoy these sites as much as I do.  Tomorrow I will be sharing on some subscription sites.
 Thank you for stopping by and please do share any sites you are loving right now.