Monday, September 1, 2014

Change with Seasons

Hey Treasures, welcome to my little piece of the world wide web. 

I am over the top excited to welcome September and the Autumn season and kiss Summer good bye as well as sit down and blog a little.
I hope and pray that you are all doing well and ready for the new season.

We have all heard the saying "Seasons Change" and "It's a New Season" this is something I have been hearing for the last couple of weeks. I am one that doesn't embrace change easily. However if we can learn how to CHANGE WITH THE SEASON then we are well on our way to grow in the season. After all growth occurs through the seasons.

At Sunday service, our pastor taught on "Recognizing the Time" this message really gave me some insight. Maria-Isabel of Agape Love Designs posted a question on her Facebook page asking this, "Did anyone feel especially moved in church today? Or learn something new? If so, please share."
Here was my response,
"At my church it was on recognizing the time. We go through seasons in our walk with God and it is important to discern what season we are in. For example, as we approach a new season in the natural, Fall(my favorite time of the year) we prepare or do things like put away our shorts and flip flops and bring out our boots and cardigans. So it is with our seasons with God, we must be in tune with what God season we are in, so we know, what to do, what to say, what to pray."

In the natural, we make changes and/or adjustments according to the seasons which I believe are mostly subconscious changes. In the supernatural it is important to make the necessary adjustments and align ourselves with what God is doing or we can get stagnant.  Change must take place in order to get in alignment.  Once we are in alignment, then comes the breakthrough. We can break FORTH into the new season. (on my next blog post, I will be discussing more on breakthrough and breaking forth) 
So if we don't make the adjustments or change with seasons we will continually stay the same. My pastor spoke on if we keep doing the same things, we will keep getting the same results. Change is necessary if we want to continue to grow and who doesn't want to continue to grow. We don't want to get stale and stuck in the same ol' same ol', at least I don't.

This leads me to the next thing I want to talk about. Today I started an online devotional, 30 days of Radical Growth with Havilah Cunnington. I went to a conference a couple months ago and heard Havilah teach an awesome message about the different ways God speaks. She is such an anointed woman of God and so relatable. At the conference I picked up this book and so when she announced the online devotional I was happy to participate.

The book, Radical Growth also touches on some of the stuff God has been speaking to me and what my pastor spoke on. She references this famous quote, "If you do what you've always done, then you'll get what you've always got." and she says "if we want growth, we may need to change our thoughts and/or our behavior. "  I am excited to participate in this devotional and to see the Radical Growth as I purposely set out to grow in this season.

If you might be interested in joining us for the online devotional, here is a preview.

Leave me a comment if you decide to join in. I would love to hear what you get from this as well.

Let's pray...
Lord I thank you for the work you have begun in us. Open our ears to hear what you are speaking in this season. Open our eyes to see what season we are in so that we can make necessary adjustments. Help us to get in alignment with you Lord. Throw down the plumb line and let us adjust and align accordingly.  I pray that we will continue to grow at a radical rate and that we will enlarge our faith.  I pray that we would all desire more of your Word as your Word tunes our minds into the channel of your voice.  May we catch the time we are in, the season we are in, all for your glory, for your honor and we thank you for loving us too much to leave us the same. We seal this in the name of Jesus, amen.

If you have any prayer needs please leave a comment or email me and I will be happy to pray with you according to God's Word and Will.

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