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Follow Me Bible Study {Week 3} Delight in God

Hello Beautiful Treasures, how are you doing?  I am sorry I took  break without any notice.  It wasn't really planned but with birthday weekend, I needed a couple of days to catch up at home and do all that fun stuff we love, clean house, do laundry, cook, clean up and start all over again.
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 I am behind on my reading for...
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This is what I have so far for this week.
Week 3
This week’s Scripture Memory
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This week in a daily break down
I usually will share what stood out to me the most from each day (There is a lot of good points throughout the days, from what I have read and l only share one but this week it will be different because I haven't read through the week or taken notes on all the days.
I hope that you will join us on this bible study and share with us what stood out to you, ask questions and/or leave comments.
Day One – Our Father
The creator of the universe is my Father, this chapter really spoke to me. It touches on "God Delights in Us" and "We Delight in God".  These are to two subtitles in this chapter. 
In the God Delights In Us section, David Platt says that in the Old Testament God is rarely described as Father; 15 times to be exact. He says in the New Testament, in the Gospels alone, we see God described as Father 165 different times and 164 of them occur when Jesus is teaching His disciples.  He uses the Sermon on the Mount, as an example, where Jesus is teaching His disciples how to pray.  You know the Our Father prayer right? David Platt says, "Amazingly, this is the first time in the Bible where anyone is encouraged to pray to God as Father.
~~"Jesus' words are both astounding and significant.  As Christians, we have the distinct privilege of knowing, worshipping, talking, and relating to God as "our Father.”  BY DAVID PLATT, page 66
What a privilege this is indeed to call the creator.  of the universe Abba Father! Jesus tore the veil and now we can now talk to directly to our Father in heaven.
This is somewhat of a struggle for me.  My dad died when I was five.  I have distinctive memories of him and I and then one day we got the sad new that my died dad, even now it brings me to tears.  I remember that day so clearly.  I remember I was in my mom's room playing Lite Brite with my brothers and my cousins. I can still hear my mom screaming "NO, NO, NO"!!!! and banging on the wall while on the phone.

Although I was only five, I had a great relationship with my dad. I was daddy's little girl. My mom says when he would go out, all I would do was cry for him.  The void in my heart even now has me typing and crying.  After all these years it still hurts.  I use to think my dad abandoned me.  I was so young  I didn't understand. I battle or have battled a fear of abandonment because of this deep wound.  This also makes for a difficult time to fully embrace God almighty as my Heavenly Father.  Growing up without my dad was a challenge BUT the void in my heart and the pain deep within me affected me more than I care to admit. 

I want the wall removed so I can run into God's arms and say "My Father."  A part of me even feels guilty because all my life (well since I was five) I longed for my daddy's love and I searched for it. Oh let me tell you, I searched in ALL the wrong places.  encountering Jesus has helped me a lot BUT I am still a work in progress and I know the God reveals to heal.  As this stuff services and the ache in my heart becomes ever so real, I find comfort knowing that through this God is healing me and He promises to never leave me nor forsake me and I can feel safe with my Heavenly Father and hold onto the memories of my daddy.

Thank you for reading. I pray you were blessed.  This book has my attention. Please make sure  to stop by Satisfaction Through Christ’s to read  Christie's discussion on the this week’s reading and also check back with us every Wednesday for the next 3 weeks for the rest of this study.
God bless you and if you have any prayer requests please leave me a comment or send me an email and we will lift up your needs in Jesus name.

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