Saturday, October 26, 2013

More October Confessions

Happy Friday sweet Treasures!! It is  Confessional Friday with  Agape Love Designs and Let it ShineBlog.  I just love this linky party, don’t you?  I always have so much to confess, after all this linky party is every other week.

This is my free time to get it all out and then read what others are confessing. 


I totally drew a blank once I started to type.

I love, love the weekend.

I am really loving Fall weather in California, especially at night.

I haven’t been going to my regular church for a couple of weeks now and I miss it.

I have church tonight and all of a sudden I feel so sleepy that I want to go home and take a nap but I won’t.

Since I have a couple hours before church starts, I am going to do some shopping instead of going home to nap.

I have been shopping like crazy, mostly online.

I have only ordered 1 out of the 3 things I posted about here on my last October Confessions.

I ordered this set from A Little Piece of Me Shop.

Salena is the sweet designer behind this shop and you can check out her blog and stalk her on social media like I do. She really has the cutest stuff.

I want mostly everything she posts on Instagram.

I had an amazing birthday this year. I just felt really blessed.

I redid my hair and yes I confess, I love red hair and I love saying Red hair, Don’t Care.

I still have not made it back onto the fitness wagon that I fall off thanks to my birthday month.

I actually gained a couple pounds back this month and I feel so sad about that.

I always say I will start on Monday so hopefully this Monday will be the day I get it together.

I have gray (or white)hairs growing out on my eyebrows and it is not cute at all!!!

I plan on going on a spending fast starting November 1st. My hubby will be really happy to hear that BUT I don't know how I feel about this. Even just thinking about it makes me nervous.

I need to make more time for prayer and reading (and social media should count BUT it doesn't).  God is so good to call us out and hold us accountable to what He has called us to do. We got prayer for this exact thing at service. So thankful for my pastors and my church for being in tune with the Holy Spirit and leading the way.

I was suppose to post this last night and then this morning and just finishing it up right now.

I need to get some sleep because  I have to be at church early tomorrow.

I kinda poured out my heart out on this post and feel a little vulnerable yet through the typing and tears, it also brought me some freedom.

The birthday celebrations still continue with these giveaways but ending soon.
$750 PAYPAL CASH (ends 10/27) // $225 PAYPAL CASH (ends 10/31)

I hope you enjoy this last weekend in October.



  1. That jewelry set you bought is so pretty!

  2. Very pretty jewelry set for autumn. It looks like you will get a lot of use out of it. I'm visiting from Thursday Favorite Things blog hop 113. Have a blessed weekend!