Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello March

Hello Treasures,  blessings to you and hello March.

Today here in Los Angeles, California, it is raining. I am talking about real rain.  Oh how I love the rain.  It's a little bit crazy to be driving in the rain though.   I had to go out but made it home safely however not dryly.

I was hoping to get my eyebrows threaded but it begin pouring down so hard I decided to just come home.  So how is the weather where you are today? 

Many people I know don't enjoy the cold rainy weather, they prefer hot summer days. I dislike the summer. I think I can say I loathe hot summer days. What about you, cold or hot weather?

So anyways, on my last blog post I gave you an update on Life as Mrs Aguila and let you know that I was moving and today marks my first week in my new place.  I still have some organizing to do but so far it's coming along pretty well. It's starting to feel like home.  I lived at my other apartment for 5 years and I really liked it but this new place has more space so little by little with some help from blogs and Pinterest, it will get done.

I have tried to take some photos of some of the décor I have found and used so look for a couple of posts on that.  I will be posting again more frequently, now that I am semi-settled plus miss blogging. Also I am teaming up with Little Miss Andee of Wink for Pink for a biblical marriage series for the month of March, which begins on Tuesday so be sure to check back for that.

I confess (hmm now that I think about it, I miss those confessions blog post) I typed this yesterday and surely thought I had posted it but found out that I hadn't when I was going to work on a post for today. Woooppssy

Either way, hope you had a good weekend and come stop by and say hello through out the week.

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  1. I usually don't like the rain, but I actually enjoyed the few days of rain we had. Im glad your settling into your new home nicely! Decorating and organizing take a while but its kind of fun and awesome when it's finished!