Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reviving the Spark {marriage mini series}

Hi Treasures and happy Tuesday to you.Thank you so much for joining us. 

Today we continue with part 3 of the Marriage Series collab with some sweet, faith filled, women of God, beauty bloggers;  Andrea of Wink For Pink Blog, Maria-Isabel of Agape Love Designs and Tawny of Glamorously Mommy.

You can see last weeks posts HERE.  Each of us  link up our posts for your convenience. Be sure to read all of the posts as they have been great!!

In honor of my five year anniversary, I am going to talk about keeping the spark alive or reviving the spark and while this does include behind closed doors (if you know what I mean) that is not my focus. 

In five years, a lot can will change.  I mean think about it for a moment, where were you five years ago?  Heck, things can change in the blink of an eye.  This is where we come in. 

Proverbs 14:1 tells us that "Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands."
I am more than positive that all of us want to be a wise woman because let's face it who has ever strived to be foolish?  We don't want to tear down or destroy our homes with our own hands. We want to build it up. We want to build up our husbands, our children and establish a safe haven.  We want to build up  a house of prayer, a house of love, a house of peace, a house of kindness, a house of  patience.  When these are at our foundation, they will flourish and grow out and touch others.

Proverbs 24:3-4 The Voice (VOICE)
Wisdom is required to build a house; understanding is necessary to make it secure.
Knowledge is needed to furnish all the rooms and fill them with beautiful treasures.

This is how we keep the spark alive in our marriages, in our homes. This "spark" must always continue to be aflame. We can never get to comfortable. This especially holds true in our relationship with God and it is very true for our marriages. We must continually pray over our marriage.  We must continually bless our husbands.  We must fan the flames in our relationships.

We can learn a lot from Proverbs 31.  Take some time this week and read these VERSES and let me know what God speaks to you.

Proverbs 31:11-12 The Voice (Voice)
11 She inspires trust, and her husband’s heart is safe with her, and because of her, he has every good thing.12 Every day of her life she does what is best for him, never anything harmful or hurtful.

I love this entire portion of scripture and it is a goal of mine to attain Proverbs 31 wife characteristics.  I want my husband to know his heart is safe with me and that I only desire good things for him.  I want to always do what is best for him and never hurt him in anyway. My husband is a true gift from God. I want to love him and value him and treasure him just as God does.

Our hashtag for this series is #revivethelove2014.  We encourage you to make that extra effort, or to eat humble pie, or to step out of your comfort zone and just do something you know will just get the flame going in your marriage. We all know our husbands and we know what will work.  Each marriage is at different stages, each marriage is unique so only you know what you can do this week that will be extra special or a pleasant surprise.

For me, I am stepping out of my comfort zone big time for our 5 year anniversary getaway.  Mr. Aguila works a lot, like a lot a lot and he goes to school full time.  He gets back from a business trip just in time for our anniversary. Have I told you all how amazing my hubby is? Well yes he is but don't get me wrong he's not perfect, just like I am not perfect but honestly he's perfect for me and I love and appreciate him more than I show him.

I decided that I would stop being my selfish little missy prissy self and agree to go out to a lake resort where there are many outdoor activities to do such as jet skiing, ski boats, paddle boats, kayaks and well you get the picture. Water sports and I don't even know how to swim.  We will go out for a hike and do all the stuff Mr. Aguila likes to do. I am going to agree to the activities and I  won't complain. Treasures, THIS IS HUGE, like really HUGE but you know what, my husband has been looking forward to this trip and he totally deserves this.  We will of course get pampered with massages and all that fun stuff that I like as well. 

This small agreement has sparked up some excitement for us. Something to look forward to with the move and finals and business travel, this couldn't come at a better time.

Now it's your turn Treasures, share with us via a comment or a message or an email, (vra23@live.com) how you will take that extra step for your spouse. We want to hear all about it.  We are here to listen to you, to encourage you, to pray with you.  Revive the Love ladies. We can do this. God is faithful.



  1. Enjoyed the series! May you and your husband have a wonderful time!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and we really did! God bless you.