Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday-IN BETWEEN

Happy Friday and I START,

IN BETWEEN this week...

I have taken my nephews to Chuck E. Cheese

I have had dinner at my mom's with my grand daddy and family

I attended a very informative AVON district meeting (I won a raffle for an Avon Rice Cooker)

I prepared/finalized my teaching to share at my Family In Love's (Not Law) church

I gave my teaching at my Family in Love's church (God is so good, it was a powerful night of sharing God's Word and encouraging us all to COME OUT OF THE CAVE. I elaborated off of this blog post.)

Seen my hubby off to a Royal Rangers Pow Wow Camping Trip.
wooooooooooooooo! it has been that kind of week hence no blogging since Monday!!

All this while working my full time, 8:30-5.
AHHH Friday, yayy for the weekend right? However I will be working tomorrow as well. My church is sponsoring a Food Truck Festival and Swapmeet so I am going to promote  Mrs. Aguila's AVON and MARK shop there.

Oh yes and I won another giveaway, which I will blog about, of COURSE! 
 Yes so this is all IN BETWEEN this week's, Life as Mrs. Aguila. 

God is good and as long as we keep Him IN BETWEEN all that we do, everything works out for the best. Have a blessed weekend and check out some of the other blogs linking up for...

Five Minute Friday

Today's Prompt: IN BETWEEN, be sure to link up. It's the place to be on Friday's =)


  1. Wow! You have had a busy week! :) I love that you remind us to keep God in the midst of everything we do. When I have busy weeks, I so need that reminder!

    1. Yes and the fun continues!! =)
      Yes God helps us make it through! I am glad you stopped by.

  2. Busy beautiful woman! Congrats on all the winnings! You are one lucky lady. A very blessed lady. ♥

    1. awww thanks {blushing}...thank you!! so excited! God's favor huh? woo hoo!! =)

  3. What a sweet little blog you have here! Glad I came over from Agape Love Designs! xo

    1. Hi Becca!! thank you!!
      I am so glad you did also! =) Thanks for stopping by!