Monday, August 5, 2013

EOTD for Vegas

Hello My Lovely Treasures.
Mr. Aguila and I took a road trip to Las Vegas.  He is here on business and I am here on vacation.
I am not a summer kinda girl and Vegas gets really hot around this time of the year so I like to stay indoors where the AC is on high but I am breaking out of my shell this time and blogging poolside in Vegas.  It is a fair 100 degrees right now, eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk. The ice in my shake and my ice cold water bottle have no chance.

Yesterday I went out shopping away but before I went out since I am on vacation and not rushed or pressed for time. I was able to get dolled up, after all its Vegas baby.
I took some selfies, I think I have mentioned before that I do not like taking selfies, makes me feel weird and uncomfortable and I take about 100 and share 3.
I created my EOTD with My Beauty Addiction and MAC eyeshadows and AVON eyeliner and mascara.
EYE BASE: I started with the eye shadow poxy primer). I used MAC Pro Longwear eye shadow in Sweet Satisfaction as a base.
EYELID COLOR: I used My Beauty Addiction Champagne on the brow lid and Royal on the crease and Milk Chocolate (which I love) on the outer corner, blended it all in and I used Avon Midnight Blue eye liner on lash line and water line and I used my favorite mascara's 

EYELASHES:  I started with the L'oreal voluminous False Fiber Lashes, Black and then I finish the tips up with AVON Super Extend Infinitize Mascara, Black.
And since it is Make Up Monday with Agape Love Designs I am going to tell you about this AMAZING Make up I started using!!! Move over MAC, MARK has arrived on Mrs. Aguila's face! Yes I sell AVON/MARK and of course I want you to buy it HOWEVER this post is not motivated by that. As you can tell, I use all different make up. I love to buy make up and so far I have not been able to get away from MAC foundation for years like MANY years, 10 plus years. I have tried different ones and end up back at MAC counter. So my MAC foundation costs me $35 a bottle and I really like the full coverage but I spotted this one, MARK Got the Goods, $18 and it had the same shape of bottle as MAC and same SPF, SPF 15 and the colors were by number like the MAC one and so I ordered to try it and let me just say one word AMAZING, seriously it is not cakey, it is so smooth and just makes my blemishes look flawless yet my face looks natural. If you are in the market for a new foundation I really recommend this and best of all, it has a money back guarantee.
And one last thing for make up Monday.  Have  you heard of The Cosmetics Company Store?  As I spent my day shopping yesterday, I came across this store at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets and I had to go in and see what they had. They had a number of brands including MAC, score!!!! Ionly focused on the MAC and I love the summer collection colors from MAC so I spotted the MAC Surf, BABY and I got a lipgloss, Strange Potion and eyeshadow, Saffron. $22 bucks!! Happy wife, Happy life!!!!!
So there is my Make Up Monday. Share yours by linking up with Agape Love Designs


  1. Hi! I found you through Agape's Makeup Monday linkup :).

    I have to say, your eyes look so beautiful here. Absolutely perfect work!

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment!! Don't you love Make Up Monday?? :)