Monday, August 19, 2013

Small Confessions

Hello Treasures....

So Today it is time for some fun. I am going to do Five Minute Friday, Small is the word and combine it with Agape Love Designs, I Confess. These are both linky parties so join in on the fun.

Of course I am late to the parties but here are some small confessions...

I go to sleep late and realize it is a bad idea in the morning.
I work better under pressure.

I sell AVON/MARK and really want to build up my online business.

I said I was going to get better at wearing make up everyday but still haven't.

I just had my hair done red ombre and I can't stop saying, "RED HAIR, DONT CARE."

I love red hair but I don't like the maintenance that comes with it.

I should be working out right now but I wasted all my time on Facebook and Candy Crush.

I will not go to sleep without working out tonight.

I have a weight goal I want to meet but not even sure how long it's going to take me to get there.

I really dislike working out and changing my eating habits.

I am trying to embrace my journey and focus on how awesome it is to fit back into my clothes.

I can sometimes feel really small in the Kingdom of God, yet I know God has called me to do BIG things.
I have an amazing husband.
God has blessed me more than I can ever deserve.

So those are my small confessions for today. 

There is no kind gesture that is too small, there is no positive change that is too small. There is no idea that is too small. There is no person that is too small. There is no dream that is too small. You are not small.
You were made for great things. Dream Big!! Go Big!!

Photo from Inspirational Daily
 Peace and Blessings to you God's lovely Treasures.


  1. Love your hair!! We are totally hair twins now!! :) and girl... Just wait till you read my latest weight loss update. .. ugh... I confess I may have back slid a little in my progress this month. Ugh! But just keep at it... That's my Theory! You can do it. Much love. Maria-Isabel

    1. Thank you Maria and oh my, we are hair twins!! LOL I didn't do mine black on the top though, mine is Mahogany dark red on the top but it looks like yours!
      Girl you look great, I seen you working it today. I need to work out more. I will keep at it. Thank you so much. <3

  2. Popping over from Five Minute Friday. I'm VERY late with my post this week. Great take on the word small. Love it!
    Gay @Captive Heart
    Here's my FMF post:

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

      Peace and blessings,
      Mrs. Aguila