Thursday, August 15, 2013

Work Out Wednesday....

Hello God's Lovely Treasures,

I mentioned on here a few times about this fitness journey I begin.  I came across a Christian Coach on Facebook, Brittney Garcia Duron and I say she is God sent. Here is a little information on her from her page.
Star Diamond Fitness Coach. Embracing a healthier lifestyle and teaching you how to do the same. Mother of a 10 year old, wife of an amazing man who loves me like no other. Jesus is my king and that is not negotiable. ♥
And I just love her Mission Statement:
To serve you the best way that I can, to not judge you but rather give you praise on the greatest accomplishments of your life. To push you beyond your expectations, to pray for you when life gets challenging and to praise you when you overcome a struggle. On the days that you slip I will bring you back to why you began this and be real with you ♥

So she does these small challenge groups for accountability and encouragement and challenge us and this particular one was Becoming a Better Wife Spiritually and Physically Challenge. I had been fiddling around with the idea for so long. Asking God to seriously help me to get it together in my eating habits and my weight gain.  I just could not commit to this area nor did I want to but my weight gain was really getting to me. My clothes were getting tighter and tighter and I just didn't feel comfortable anymore so after reading about Brittney's latest challenge and talking with my husband about it and how much it cost (which he was ALL for) I decided to go ahead and join, which includes ordering Shakeology (a meal replacement) and pair it with a workout video. I chose Slim in 6.

Then comes the fun stuff, meal planning, cooking, working out, discipline, dedication, deciding, committing, succeeding, (This is the plan). Oh yes and the biggest thing, NO SODA, MORE WATER. (Say what!!!) I think just about each day I have thought about quitting.  This is where Coach Brittney comes in, and accountability and encouragement from the group and best of all prayer.  I am so blessed to be a part of this group. They are such an encouragement and we pray for each other, which is the best part. Apart from Him, I can do nothing. WE can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens us. I appreciate the sisters in Christ that God has joined me with on this journey.

The one thing that I have actually done each day is make my Shakeology for breakfast. Shakeology even took a road trip with me to Vegas. I bought this single serve blender which was perfect.

Today was a super busy day at work and had to take my car to the dealer to get serviced and ended up there, in the morning before work, for lunch and then after work.  It was just a crazy day and let's just say there was no clean eating going on. I wanted to come home and just be lazy but I didn't! I pushed play on my video and begin to "Get To It". 

We will have good days and we will have bad days but no matter what we must keep it moving.  Each day I have to choose to "Decide, Commit, Succeed" and this is with anything in life and as my Coach reminded me, it stands true for our walk with God. Each and every day we have choices. What will you Decide, Commit and Succeed to do? Let me know so I can keep you in prayer.

Ok and here is my before picture, I took this in Vegas while on vacation. Not really sure why I am sharing it here, maybe because this is the real Life of Mrs. Aguila. So far I have lost only 4 pounds but I have lost inches for sure because my clothes are feeling a lot better, YAYYYY God! I know I can eat much cleaner but I am still adjusting ,eating a lot better than before but I really need to work on meal planning and eating clean.
And since it's Workout Wednesday, Almost Thursday, probably Thursday by the time you read this, Here is tonight's sweaty raw picture of Mrs. Aguila. I have to share this with my group for accountability. EWWWWW but here it is.

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