Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Confess Once Again

Hi there Treasures, I am finally sitting down in front of my computer which is actually a Surface so technically it's a tablet.

Anyway, I am going to do some confessing and link up with Agape Love Designs and Let it Shine. As I say every other week, I love doing these posts and love reading others as well. If you have some confessing to do, join the link up or leave me some confession comments.

Mrs. Aguila confesses...

I am so tired and really want to be asleep but I have really sucked at blogging these days so I wanted to get this in before I turn in for the night.

I like loathe washing dishes. I just washed a sink full of dishes before sitting down to blog because even though I hate washing dishes I hate having dishes sitting in the sink. Ah, wifey problems.

I am one of those that say I will start my "diet" and working out on Monday and then when I don't, I wait until the next Monday to say that all over again. I still have not got back on that fitness wagon, but I really want to. I am aiming to start my Monday off with Shakeology for breakfast.

I am seriously needing to get this adorable mug from the Starbucks Store.

I haven't been doing so well on my no spend November especially since finding out about this marriage workshop.

I ordered some items from some great online shops. Here's the details on what I picked up.

Since I love me some coffee, when I seen these Thanks a Latte cards by Eva Marie Taylor on her Instagram, I just knew I had to order them.  You can order them from her shop here. Make sure to check out the other items in her shop.
I also finally ordered my hair pretties from Mila Rose Designs. I wish I could order one of each item from this shop however I confess, I am clueless as to how to wear them. So until I learn, the ones I already own will sit pretty (with all the other stuff I buy and stash away) and I will hold off on ordering more. If you have any tips, let me know.
And last but not least I ordered some jewelry from Litva's Jewelry.  I love her Instagram account, be sure to follow her and stop by her shop. I love my bracelet and this ring is beautiful.
Since I started blogging, I have met some really talented ladies.  These are all handmade shops.  You can follow these ladies' blogs here
Eva Marie Taylor /// Mila Rose Designs ///  Litva's Jewelry

I am not getting paid to promote this lovely ladies and their shops. I just like to share the love. These ladies are a pleasure to deal with and I know I will order from them again.

I had no intentions of making this post a commercial but I am glad I did.

By now I am super sleepy and I need sleep.
I will posting about my lippie collection for Make Up Monday tomorrow.


  1. You are so sweet!! I'm so glad you love your cards!! I appreciate your support of my small business!! Hugs!!

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for all the support! I am just taken aback! I appreciate this more than I can express in words :) so thankful :)