Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gondola Getaway

Hey, Hey, Lovely Treasures. Today I am going to share with you a fun little gem we found through an Amazon Local Deals. I love finding deals there as well as Groupon. I just love to shop and shopping these deals is so fun and so addicting so beware.

As you may know,  I am Cali girl.  Los Angeles, California to be exact.  Several months ago, Mr. Aguila bought us this deal for a gondola ride through Naples Island Canal sold by  Gondola Getaways  and it was the last weekend to use it so he made the reservation and off we went after our church service.  The reservation was for four so we invited my brother and sister in law.
 They take a picture for you and provided two copies. That was a pleasant surprise. We were all first timers and didn't know what to expect but we really loved our experience.
 The weather was great. It was a very nice day for a November afternoon gondola ride. We had a 2 pm reservation.  You just gotta love Cali weather. It was sunny and there were many other people out on the canal on their boats and children swimming (sliding off their canal side slide).  The homes are absolutely beautiful along the canal.  I now know where my dream home is and yes I made it known to Mr. Aguila and I know he will make my dream a reality.
The ride was so serene.  The atmosphere is so peaceful out there. I just really loved it. 
We plan to go again but this time in the evening time. Our gondolier, Mike, told us that it is really nice in the night.  He was very nice and shared some great information with us. Our favorite was the tradition of kissing when you pass under a bridge while riding on a gondola.
I was born and raised in Los Angeles and this is only my second time coming to Naples Island.  The first time was last year when we had our anniversary dinner at a nice restaurant on the island but even then we didn't know about the Gondola Getaways. I am very pleased with our find and we had a lot of fun.
What I wore on our gondola ride...
Brown skinny jeans bought from a local store
Brown boots by Bamboo bought at June Shoes (in local mall)
Cross blouse from Maurices gifted in my swap with Maria-Isabel (Agape Love Designs)
Bracelet and earrings made in Hawaii by Salena (Shop owner) of A Little Piece of Me
Necklace from AVON
Foundation from MARK, Got the Goods, read about it on this POST
Blush from AVON, Ideal Luminous Blush in Cranberry
Lipstick from AVON, Ultra Color Lipstick in Oxford Wine

Have you ever been on a gondola ride?  Share your experience. If you are in Southern California, have you been here or do you want to go here? I'd love to hear from you.
Be blessed and have a great upcoming week.

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