Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Lippie Collection

Hey Lovely Treasures, its Make Up Monday (ok ok, its Tuesday but this post is a Make Up Monday Post)
I have been on this lippie craze. I have to admit, I am not usually a drugstore make up kind of girl but it doesn't take much to suck me in. I love to shop so I started browsing through the make up aisles at CVS. I received my first EOS and Baby Lips in a swap package from Maria-Isabel of Agape Love Designs.  I quickly fell in love.

As a young girl, my mom would buy me these flavored Avon lippies and can you believe they are still available and they are only $0.99. I love the flavored ones, my favorite is still the Bubble Gum. I like the slick tint for some quick color to my lips, but I don't really like how it tastes. I always order these with my orders but always end up giving them away to my customers. They always have some for the different holidays with the different holiday flavors. Check my website for these.

I also love the tint that Baby Lips have especially for those no make up days for me, I can just grab it and add a little color to my lips. I thought I had more than one of these but couldn't find anymore.

These oversized Wet N' Wild lippies are great also especially the price. I got these for like $1.79 on sale at CVS. Score!!! The flavor/scents are great and they do have some tint as well.
And last but not least my latest addiction are the EOS lippies. Target had them on sale for $2.99 so of course I had to get a couple. I hear Costco has a set of 5 for like $10.36. I don't have a Costco membership or I'd be all over those. My most recent find is my favorite thus far, Tangerine. I love anything citrus.
Here is the rest of my EOS collection. I have seen so many of these that I want to try. I love these especially for this time of the year because my lips tend to get dry and these are just so moisturizing and yet not all gooey and you can wear a lipstick over it.
So what lippies do you use?  Let me know which ones you have tried and if there is any others out there, I need to try.

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