Sunday, December 15, 2013

I Confess

Yippee, it's confessing time. Have I told you that I love this bi-weekly link up with Agape Love Designs and Let It Shine.  Of course I have because this has to be my favorite post to write and my favorite link up.


I love writing these posts because I can just type random confession after confession and they usually just flow. 

I am super excited that this is my 100th post!! It's been a struggle for me to keep up with my blog but I continue to push through. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

I begin to type this while me and Mr. Aguila were watching Wolverine.

I am not much of a movie watcher because I have a short attention span.  I usually lose interest easily and can't focus so I figured this is a great time to type up my blog.

I got stuck on the movie and starting typing this after the movie was done.  It is a good movie, have you seen it?

The movies that I seriously love and have to see at the theater are Fast and Furious movies. To be honest, I was really sad to hear about Paul Walker.  I am not sure how I feel about watching the movie next year.

I am not really big on following celebrities and stuff. I found out Paul Walkers name once he died. 

I am finally getting into Christmas mode but we haven't gotten a Christmas tree. 

Last week was my nephews birthday and my sister in love's birthday (my baby (nephews') momma. I was on birthday mode for them but celebrations were successful and now over so Christmas let's do this.

I love everything about this time of the year but most of all,  Jesus is the reason for the season.  While I love the gifts, family time and the food, I try not to get consumed and forget the real meaning of Christmas.

Mr. Aguila and I finally did some Christmas shopping tonight after our dinner date.  We hit Victoria's Secret and Ross and while I was shopping for myself, we did manage to get some gifts out of the way.

I am really obsessing over leggings right now and I found some solid colored ones at Ross for really cheap. I follow this shop on instagram, Kika La'Rue and I seen and reposted these leggings/tights that I fell in love with for my Christmas outfit but they are sold out.

After I posted them I was able to get them locally from my awesome friend Isela's Accessories & More and now I am hoping that she can get me these I seen on @ curlycraftymom who shared she got them at Lundy Jane's boutique. I checked and they aren't available, sad face!!
Aren't these cute??
As you know, I love to shop and even though I am always shopping for myself, I also enjoy shopping for others. 

I joined some awesome bloggers for #ZabrinaSecretSanta and also doing Cara Box.  Have you heard of these?  Are you participating in any of these? Click the links to meet the awesome bloggers that organize these swaps.

Speaking of swaps, Maria-Isabel of Agape Love Designs and I did a swap, just because a couple months ago, (you can view our box reveals on KEEK, @ mrsaguila09 and @ agapelovegirl ) My confession on this is that it was my first swap ever and I totally sucked at it!!! I felt so bad that I had to send her out a second box a couple weeks ago.  I did send her everything on her wish list and just a couple extras BUT in comparison to what I received from her, my box was skimpy BUT I am pretty sure the second box made up for it.

I now feel I am prepared for my next swap. I have more insight on this, thanks Maria-Isabel.  Have you done a beauty swap?

There is still time to enter this sweet cash giveaway,  $500 CASH GIVEAWAY.
I want to do a Captain Hook, make up Monday look but I am still not sure what I will use.  I have so many eye shadow pallets that I am sure I can come up with something.

My weekend was very chill, thank God! Mr. Aguila doesn't have class on Saturdays right now. This photo sums up Life as Mrs. Aguila on a Saturday morning.  My hubby (he still draws for me), my coffee and marshmallows.  Be Happy and Always Forgive Treasures.
It is now Sunday afternoon and I am barely finishing up this post while watching the Dallas Cowboys game, so yeah just a bit distracted.

Hope you had an awesome weekend. God bless you treasures. May this week be stress free and full of faith, hope and treasures as well love, peace and joy.

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