Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Delivery Truck is on The Way

Hello to you lovely treasures!! How are you doing this fine evening? I'm blogging while watching The Voice. Blake Shelton is singing, Silver Bells. I am really loving all the Christmas music. It's such a beautiful time of the year.

So how did you make out for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday? Did you do any shopping? I did way too much shopping but then again that's usually what I do. So here's a little peek at what I ordered last week through yesterday.

I love to shop online and oh I am going to take a rabbit trail because this reminds me of the message my pastor gave at church on Sunday.  He used an analogy that I totally was familiar with. He was teaching us about prayer and referenced Mark 11:24, "So listen to what I’m saying: Whatever you pray for or ask from God, believe that you’ll receive it and you will." (The Voice)
He went on to say that when we shop online, we put our faith in what we are ordering and how all we see is a picture and we want it so we ask for it (order it) and we believe that we will receive what we ordered. We are not able to see if its in the warehouse or even available and yet without doubt we place the order, pay for it and then we wait for it. We track our orders and wait in anticipation, with excitement for the item or items we purchased. We just trust that our orders are on the truck on their way to us.  He went on to say that in the same way whatever we pray for or ask from God, we must believe we will receive it.  It is on the delivery truck coming our way.
1 John 5:14, "We live in the bold confidence that God hears our voices when we ask for things that fit His plan."  (The Voice)

Ok so back to what I ordered online and believing to receive really soon.
HauteLook had theBalm Cosmetics so I ordered my first ever Balm items. You can join HauteLook here. I ordered the Nude'tude Eyeshadow palette. Do you have it?

I placed an order from My Beauty Addiction. I love this Whipped Jojoba Scrub.  I also ordered some eyeshadow samples and a slim tube lipstick.

I ordered some more hair fluffs from Mila Rose Designs.  Melissa had a great deal going on that I had to take advantage of
         Glitter Fluff   //  Animal Print Chiffon Fluff
I participated in my first Instagram auction on Litvas_Jewelry Instagram. It was pretty fun.  I love her jewelry. Be sure to follow Sandra.
Lastly  I ordered some blouses from Sugar Love Boutique who was also having a great deal. I just couldn't pass this one up either.
I ordered the Audrey Top (I have it in mint and was on sale for just $10), Murphy Top and April Top.
Mr. Aguila took advantage of some electronic specials as well.  He is geeking out over them.
Now I wait to receive my orders and I know they, along with my answered prayers, are on the trucks.


  1. Omg you got some great things coming! And ha! I love that analogy of prayer and online shopping! Lol funny but true. Of course your ears would perk up for that one! ;) hehe

    1. Maria! That is exactly what happen! My ears seriously perked up! Tahaha Good stuff. God speaks my language :)

  2. I managed not to shop for myself but did get almost all my Christmas shopping done. Now i am tempted to get a couple things for me :)

  3. Kate, you are awesome. I still haven't done much Christmas shopping. Was trying to get through birthdays but now its time to Christmas shop.
    Have you done any shopping lately?