Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Nude'Tude

Hello Treasures, I hope you are all doing great! As for me, just doing a quick post for Make Up Monday.  I couldn't do my Captain Hook look because I am getting sick. I have a runny nose and just not feeling to well. My nose is so raw from blowing it so much. can't even imagine wearing make up right now. My eyes keep watering and just not one hundred percent right now.   I should be asleep but want to wait to find out who is going to win The Voice. I am team Jackie. Mr. Aguila is team Tashan. Anybody else watch The Voice? (I didn't finish this up yesterday so I am day late and Tashan won)

So I had shared about my HauteLook order on my "WHAT'S ON MY DELIVERY TRUCK" post.  Do you shop from HauteLook? If not you can do so by signing up here HauteLook Invite

I ordered two items from theBalm on HauteLook.  This was my first time placing an order from HauteLook as well as my first purchase of theBalm Cosmetics.

I had been wanting to try the NUDE ‘tude® Nude Eyeshadow Palette mostly because the packaging is super cute. I had been eyeing it but hadn't purchased it so when I seen it on HauteLook for just $18, (that's half price) I took advantage.  I also ordered timeBalm Concealer but that one isn't here yet.

I know I am probably pretty late on this palette and you all know already know and love it and if so I am so sorry but this is a new one for me.  It reminds me of a huge candy bar and the packaging is just so cute.  I got the "naughty" edition which I absolutely love.

I am the kind of girl that puts her make up on the go, and that's IF I even wear make up. I know so bad but that's the truth and so I love this candy bar like palette because it can easily fit in my bag.

The colors in this are anything but nude.  They are actually so pigmented and I am seriously loving them and makes me really want to wear make up and create different daily looks. (ok well at least it sounds good)

I know my swatches aren't the best and I am sorry about that but I am still sick so this was the best I can do as far as photos. I have been working on this post since yesterday and still not feeling my best.

Lastly the palette comes with a brush.

I haven't tried it out yet but I plan to do a few looks with this and I will share soon.

Have a good one lovely treasures.


  1. You will love it. Try their Blushes next....I love them

    1. Going to try their blushes next but not until I find a good deal 😊 thank you!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Brittney, I think I find myself using most days myself, I really love it and carry it in my purse, that's the beeesssttt!