Thursday, December 12, 2013

That Auntie Life

Hey Treasures, are you ready for Friday?  It has been such a busy week and the fun continues. Today I had to go to the laundry and tomorrow is my sister in laws birthday.
Tuesday was Sammy's 4th birthday, my youngest nephew.  We took him to his favorite place and he was all smiles.  I love this kid.
Say Cheese, Chuck E. Cheese!
I have three smart handsome nephews that I absolutely love.  They are such a blessing to my life. 
I love my nephews!
My Godson and oldest nephew will be 17 next month.  I almost can't  believe it. Soon he will graduate high school and be a college student. Oh my!! He recently got an award from his high school and we are all proud of him. 

My middle nephew is now in his first year in junior high school.  He is also very smart and always getting awards.  He does not like to take pictures with me.  Well he doesn't really like to take pictures at all.
Being silly with Manny and Sammy!
I am a very proud auntie.   A big part of Life as Mrs. Aguila are my nephews.  They all hold very special places in my heart. Each of them are a great blessing to my life. They bring me extreme joy and make my heart smile. 
Celebrating Manny's 11th birthday!
For now I only have nephews. I am still my momma's only girl! Yes I am proud to say that. She really wants a grand daughter though but too bad soo sad. Sorry, NOT sorry. As you can tell I love being the only girl. It's all I know, HAAA!

So anyways, I love my nephews and so thankful that their parents let me be a big part of their life. I am blessed to be able to spoil them.  Even Sammy being only 4 knows he can ask his auntie for anything.

How many nieces and/or nephews do you have?  Tell me about them. I'd love to hear your story.

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