Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CHRISTmas in July

Hello Lovely ♥Treasures♥

So it seriously feels like Christmas in July to me, especially since it rained on us at my nephews party on Saturday. I am a Cali girl and while we do get June gloom, I don't ever remember a rain storm in July here. I am not complaining. I love rain and cold weather anytime especially in the summer.

A couple weeks ago I got an email from the lovely Ms. Trine Marie that I was the winner winner of her Summer Shoe giveaway! Sweet!!! There is something about winning that is just awesome even though the shoes aren't my size, I was still super excited to get the news. I know I am not the only one, am I?

Last night, I got home pretty late but I got home to packages. I was so excited! I love receiving packages in the mail. The shoes are so pretty, too bad they dont fit me.
She even addes some pretty nail polishes, hair ties (that I LOVE) and a nail filer !
On top of this lovely package, I received my starter kit from Beachbody for my new journey. I was really excited opening it up and checking out all the goodies. It felt like Christmas in July and then it hit me I am really nervous about this journey.  I am suppose to take before pictures, get all measurements done and shared with a group for accountability. I know its no different than blogging BUT STILL just feeling a little weird about the whole thing.

We officially begin on Saturday, July 29th but I will begin working out tonight AFTER I take photos and measurements. Have any of you done this Beachbody challenge? Drank Shakeology? Worked out to the Slim in 6 videos? If so, send me some tips and tricks please!
Well now it's your turn for a chance at CHRISTmas in July. I have a few giveaways that I am a part of this month and I want to be sure you have a chance to enter them.

Joining Nykki Talks Beauty for a Cash Giveaway, $125 via Paypal Enter Here

Joining Everyday Life for an AVON product giveaway Enter Here

Joining Agape Love Designs for MARK products giveaway and its a linky party so be sure you add your beauty posts Enter Here

Have a great evening.

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