Thursday, July 11, 2013

Make Up, Ohhhh Make Up

Hello my lovely treasures, thank you for stopping by here today.

I have had so much on my mind lately, I haven't been able to sit and focus and put my thoughts down which is why I am just writing my blog for Makeup Monday tonight. I know, I know, I know. I am so sorry, I really am trying to get better at this blogging stuff.

So during my 4 day weekend I took a lot of pictures of just random make up items. Some I took of the different store displays and some are from my Avon order. So this may turn out to be a wordless Wednesday, Makeup Monday post.

New mascara, Mega Effects by Avon, that I am totally loving right now. I will be doing a review and giveaway post soon.

Does anybody else love giveaways, as much as I do? Just this week, I won 2 more giveaways! God is good to me. I will be hosting and joining a couple giveaways on a couple of blogs I am sponsoring so be on the look out for those. (Hint tomorrow morning, July 11, 2013) you will have a chance to win 2 Avon holo nail polishes. Here is a preview. Enter Giveaway Here
Ok so for the make up display spotting's, I had this weekend.
I don't own anything from this brand but here it is,

So this was the NYX display and I took a photo of the Eyeshadow base display, the price on these were $6.99. Which eyeshadow base or primer do you use?

Both Avon and Mark have eyeshadow primers, you can check them out here
Mrs. Aguila's AVON and MARK shop
As I had shared with you on Sunday, I cheated on AVON/MARK this weekend and I visited the MAC store and made a small purchase for a big price. I am not sure why I continue to do that but here is a picture of SOME of the eyeshadow displays.

I guess this Is why I go in there and I end up buying something!! Look at all these colors but seriously $20 before taxes and NO shipping just for ONE of these shadows??? I need to stay away from this evil store and stick to Avon.
This is the Romantic Mauves quad and it is on sale for $4.99.
This cute duo is TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Duo-Fiji Paradise collection, color is Luscious Orchid, price $3.49.
Love the packaging don't you?

And finally some Avon blush, my friend ordered Rose Lustre (pictured on top) and I ordered Molten Mocha (pictured on bottom left and right) and I also have the Cranberry shade, which I love and is really pigmented.

I also made an order for My Beauty Addiction eye shadow samples and eye shadow poxy.

And after all this Make up shopping, I confess (yes I realize it's not Friday and this is not a confession link up post) I have not warn make up all week.

A peek into the Avon goodies for my customers but like I said always feels like an Avon haul all for me.

And so there you go, a peek into Life as Mrs. Aguila's adventures in make up and yes I know it's not Monday but there is still time for Make Up Monday.

Makeup Monday


  1. Oh my goodness you are too funny, "stay away from evil stores" HA! Love it!

    1. LOL LOL Evil I tell you, Evil!!
      MAC is like the devil of make up. It just wants to kill, steal and destroy (ones wallet and bank account) LOL too funny!