Saturday, July 6, 2013

Confessing Time

Ok so it is that time again...
  1. I seriously love 4 day weekends.
  2. I love visiting my hairdresser and getting my hair done.
  3. I just got my hair done and haven't taken a picture.
  4. I love getting my Avon order and going through everything. Even if it is not mine, it still feels like an Avon haul all for me.
  5. I want to get new Avon customers.
  6. I cheated on Avon this weekend with MAC and My Beauty Addiction.
  7. I love the MAC store.
  8. I really shouldn't have spent over $40 on 2 MAC items.
  9. I was pretty jealous when one of my customers ordered a blush, an eye shadow quad AND a lipstick from Avon and only spent $22.
  10. I am thinking of returning the MAC items I bought.
  11. I am an impulsive shopper.
  12. I love to shop.
  13. I am really looking forward to church service tomorrow.
  14. I am so sleepy right now.
  15. I usually type my blogs late at night.
  16. I stay up late and I am so not a morning person.
  17. I can not wait to see my brother tomorrow.
  18. I was excited to get the KEEK app on my Windows 8 phone BUT I have yet to post a video.
  19. I have recorded a couple Keek's but then delete them.
  20. I love, love, love my new blog design and want you to check it out and let me know what you think. 
So now go ahead and keep calm and confess and join Maria-Isabel of Agape Love Designs and Michelle of Let It Shine for a linky party.


  1. Your blog design is lovely! I love how your confessions all go off the one before.. it's cute- like you were writing it as you were thinking it!

    1. Thank you Jessica for stopping by and for your comment.
      have a great week.

  2. I love love your new design! Looks so great! Also you so need to post a keek! I wanna see you! Also I confess I don't own anything from Mac, I cannot get myself to spend that kind of money on makeup when drugstore or Avon or MBA is so cheap! Lol but at the same time I'm a little jealous and wish I owned Mac just to say that I do. Lol its silly u know!

    1. Thank you! I really like the end result as well! =)
      I do need to post a Keek, I will work on one this week.

      Oh you are so good! I always end up back at MAC for something or other, not even sure why because you are so right there is so much good stuff at AVON and MBA. We can buy the whole collection instead of 2 items. LOL
      aww, now I am going to have to buy you a MAC item next time I go.

    2. Oh my gosh that would be too sweet of you! ♥♥

      Also I wanted to answer your question about the poxy! I always had applied it with my finger actually! But as it got lower and lower I started using a brush. Its a brush that came with this blemish powder I buy from e.l.f. and the bristles are like a plastic rubbery like material and its a small brush so I found that it works great with the poxy and applies it well. ♥

  3. Nice list! I have so many confessions in common :)


  4. Great confessions lol. I relate to #16. I like to stay up late too & because of that I used to say my ideal work schedule would be 10-2 Monday through Thursday.... with fulltime pay of course :)