Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Make up for your Monday

Blessings to you lovely ♥Treasures♥

I am going to get better at this blogging stuff. I PROMISE!

So I have shared some stuff on Mrs. Aguila's AVON/MARK shop Facebook Page. If you haven't "LIKED" my page, you should!

Have you heard? Mascara has been revolutionized, by Avon. ‪There is a new way of dressing up your eyelashes, ‎Mega Effects‬ Macara. Your lashes have never seen anything like this.

Available in Avon Campaign 17, which starts tomorrow July 31, 2013, on my website, Mrs. Aguila's AVON/MARK Shop.

This "brush" is no brush at all, it is more like a wand, it is so flexible and so easy to apply. You can read the instructions on how to use it right on the inside of the box.
Closer look at the brush.


Get Eyes That Mesmerize! Avon's Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen tells us how to create this look in a few easy steps:
1. Apply Mega Impact Eyeshadow wet or dry to control color intensity.
2. Add a bold eye liner like SuperShock to make your eyes pop!
3. Finish the look with ‪#‎MegaEffects‬ Mascara for volumized lashes.
Items from Avon and you can purchase from my website Mrs. Aguila's Shop

So let me know what you think.  Do you think you would like to try this latest makeup innovation?

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