Friday, May 17, 2013

Is It All About The Followers, Subscribers, Comments and Likes?


So I came across this Mega June Sponsorship Giveaway at Nykki Talks Beauty and I was just beside myself. As a new blogger this is exactly what you need, especially when you have no followers YET. Yeah so when I seen this, I just couldn't wait to enter and yes begin to imagine how many eyes would read my blog and be encouraged by my Faith, Hope and Treasures.

I am a brand new blogger, just started about two weeks ago. I initially thought of  gearing my blog to Avon and Mark products because that is my side business and I am looking to grow my business and expand my customer base but of course as a Christian I wouldn't be able to blog without sharing my Faith and my Hope which is in Christ. So I took a leap of faith and begin my blogging journey.

For 10 entries to this giveaway, you can write a blog about it so I begin to question, is it about the followers, subscribers, comments and likes? I have concluded that it is.  I love receiving comments and feedback on my blog posts and getting new likes on my Victoria's Avon and Mark Shop Facebook Page and new followers on my Pinterest Boards MrsAguila09 as well as on my Twitter MrsAguila09 so I would absolutely love love love to get my blog sponsored by all these amazing bloggers. I really hope I win this.

His Delight (Isaiah 62:3),

Mrs. Victoria Aguila


  1. I completely agree that if you're using your blog to promote your business or brand, the numbers count. Your followers/subscribers/comments, etc... help a company decide if your blog is a good fit for them to advertise with or host freebies (giveaways). It can be so encouraging to see those numbers climb and feel like you're being heard.

    But sometimes it's not about the numbers. Sometimes it's just about getting your voice out there. All too often I'm disappointed when bloggers I loved reading now have majority sponsored posts and no real content.

    I had my lifestyle blog for about 2 years before I started my eMinistry. I got so caught up in the numbers and it could seriously ruin my day. Now that I've started over, I try harder not to focus on the numbers. It's so tough, but I know that if I'm patient and hard working, God's purpose will prevail.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and clicking through one of my ads =)

    God bless!
    Her Heart Proclaims ♥ eMinistry

    1. Hey Vanessa, thank you so much for comment. I love what you said about it sometimes just being about getting your voice out there. That is so true.
      God bless you and I will visit again soon =)