Monday, September 23, 2013

Blue Stripes

Hey Treasures, How is everyone doing??? 
I wanted to share another Outfit post with you beautiful treasures.  Tomorrow , 9/24 is my GIG (Girlfriend In GOD)'s birthday so on Saturday we all went out to dinner at Boiling Crab.  Have you been there?

It was a nice fall day and evening so I took advantage and busted out my jacket and my boots and the COLOR is Blue!!
We had a really good time at dinner, peeling shrimp and grubbing. The shrimp had the head and all. I tried not to focus on it but I was a little freaked out, just A LITTLE!
It was our first time at this place and we were so not prepared.  Mr. Aguila wore a white shirt.
Thankfully they give us these cute bibs. You can't really see from these pics but Mr. Aguila was holding onto the creepy head of a shrimp!! (EWWWWW)

So this was suppose to be an outfit post right?

Here are some pics that Mr. Aguila took of me and my outfit.  We took a lot of pics AGAIN but I won't bore you all with too many.
Mr. Aguila has me posing all different kind of ways because I am so picky.  It takes a million shots only to pick a few to share.
I also took some selfies trying to capture my make up but it was already night time so that didn't go to well but I will share anyway.

And lastly my EOTD.
I used one of the many AVON eye shadow quads I rediscovered a couple weeks ago. I thought this one perfect to kick off the Fall season.  This is the pallet that I discovered a MAC dupe in also.
For my outfit:
Jeans are Levi's
Jacket is A.N.A. from JCPenney
Shirt from a local store
Boots picked up at the mall last boot season, which means I need boots for this season. (They are Bamboo brand)

So tell me do you wear stripes? Like Levi's? Shop JCPenney? Own anything from Avon? How many boots do you have? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. The outfit is cute, and you did a great job with the make-up application. I'm your latest follower, visiting from Jo My Gosh! :)

  2. I LOVE this outfit! Super cute, girl!! And you two are so cute, love that your hubby had to get a pic holding a shrimp head. HAHAHA

  3. Beautiful outfit and makeup. They suit you well. Just stopping by from Jo, My Gosh. Congrats. on being featured! :)

  4. That is a gorgeous eye - colorful but not overdone! <3 it!

    Following from I Love My Post!

  5. Your hair is gorgeous, as is your face. Lovely photos.
    Visiting from I love my post blog. Following via Bloglovin'.
    Barbara @