Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting FALL ready

Hey Treasures, I went selfie crazy on this getting ready for Fall look.  As you may know I am not a big fan of the summer season and this amazing evening and morning weather in Southern California really has me looking forward to Fall weather so I got a jump start.

I took my selfies with my phone which is a Nokia Lumia 920 and has all this awesome apps. I don't usually have these many pics but here it goes!! 
I had to bun up the hair today though because I am currently carpooling with my hubby and he rushes me out of the house every morning.
My necklace is from AVON but I don't  remember the name and so is my lip liner and lipstick. (colors below)
Here is a close up of my lips and my beautiful necklace

So here is what I used for my quick and easy FOTD
I used...
MAC Matte (For base of my face,  I have very oily skin)
MBA Shadow Poxy
MAC Sweet Satisfaction Mineral  Shadow
STILA Matte Brown Shadow
Mary Kay Sweet Plum Shadow
AVON Ultra Luxury Lip Liner, Chocolate
AVON Totally Kissable, Coy Copper

These are from Just Fab and so perfect for the Fall. If you are interested in Just Fab membership, use this REFERRAL LINK   I have a few pairs of shoes and another "few" pairs of boots. I have on my wish list GWYNN  Let me know what you think.
Lastly in honor of getting Fall ready, I had a PartyLite show a couple weeks and I just received all kinds of candles and one of my Fall scents is Marshmallow Peppermint.
How do you get ready for Fall?  I'd love to hear from you.
Also you can still link up your beauty posts on Make Up Monday with Agape Love Designs


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    1. Hahaha,Right??? $39.95 free shipping! Yes please!!! :) Are you on Just Fab? They have some cute boots.

  2. Marshmallow Peppermint, that sounds amazing. Cute shoes too. Thank you for linking up.