Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pink plus Green EOTD

Hey Lovely Treasures,

So I was in a training at church all day today so this post came a little later than I thought and for that I apologize.

Also its Fight Night, Canelo vs. Mayweather.

So here is EOTD with color, (I posted a teaser on Instagram), a fall look I created. Color pic has no filter.

I have lots of pictures with different filters to try to capture the color.  I am not a professional selfie photographer yet but at this rate I should be really soon.  I totally want to master the eye taking photos.  If you have tutorials or advice for me PLEASE share.
My mom's car was at the repair shop for a couple of days and she was using my car so she would pick me up from work. I tool advantage of the daylight and took all these selfies.
It was so bright outside the sunlight was totally bothering my eyes so I had to put on the shades.

I really love my blouse paired up with this hair bun. I have never worn a pulled back bun like this but I got so many compliments and honestly I only did it because I didn't have time for anything else (yes again) BUT we all know it usually happens like that.
These photos are with different filters again trying to capture the make up on my eye and I couldn't really capture my bun but I tried.
So here are my Eye photos, hahaha. Even I laugh at myself but this is he best  I could do. I was really loving my eye make up but it is just hard for me to capture in a photo. Sorry Treasures, I will get better.
What I Used for this EOTD
Base: MBA Eye Poxy
Brow Line: MBA Nudey Booty
Lower Base: MAC Sweet Satisfaction
Outer Corner:  MBA Cupcake
Eye Shadow as eyeliner: MAC Sassy Grass w/MBA Foiling and Lining Medium
(This was my first time using the Foiling and Lining Medium since I won it  and I have to say I am in love.  I used it with an AVON Eyeliner Brush that I had and it was a breeze and you only need a tiny drop, dip brush and swipe eye shadow and apply.)

In honor of my pink and green EOTD I wanted to share this as well.
I received my AVON order on Thursday and I ordered this Lip Crayon in Showstopper . One Word, LOVE!

DISCLOSURE:  I really need to practice on my photo taking. The color on this is AMAZING, this picture just doesn't show its beauty and I am so sorry about that. I ended giving it to my co-worker but I will order another one and do a KEEK.
Thanks for stopping by today. 

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