Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Confessions of Mrs Aguila

Hey Treasures, it's time again to get some confessions off my chest. I love doing this and then linking up with Agape Love Designs and Let It Shine.  Try it, you will like it.
  1. I am late to the party as USUAL. This linky party goes live every other Friday.
  2. I love to write these confession posts but I also like to read others confessions (Go ahead write up a post and link up). Let me know you linked up so I can take a read.
  3. I lost 4 more pounds and I am over the top excited.
  4. I have 20 more pounds to go so my goal is to lose 10 in September and 10 in October.
  5. I am so happy it is September and summer is ending.
  6. Even though Summer is ending or over, this weekend was super hot in California.
  7. I love the Fall and Winter Seasons.
  8. I love September because that is Mr. Aguila's birth month.
  9. I love October because I am an October baby.
  10. I am excited to be getting a new tablet this week and I am hoping that it'll help me get better at blogging.
  11. I finally got an Instagram account, follow me MrsAguila09
  12. I am on just about every social media and I love it!
  13. I have a KEEK account and you should check out my 36 second videos there, MrsAguila09
  14. I was a little bummed out when my blog Facebook Page, Life as Mrs. Aguila went down in likes instead of up. I had 199 and then 198 and now 195. 
  15. I am sort of a new blogger and people say numbers don't count but I confess, to me they do, even on the scale.
  16. I am pretty excited that I have 870 Followers on Twitter.
  17. It would be nice if those followers followed me on my other social media sites.
  18. I have spent a lot of money sponsoring on other pages and I am not sure that it benefits me but I love hanging out on the side bars of some awesome blogs.
  19. I won another giveaway and it included a lot of ad space, thank you Jo, My Gosh and sponsors.
  20. I  will be introducing you to the blogs I am hanging out at this month.
  21. I have met some wonderful ladies on this blogging journey and for that I am thankful.
  22. Even though I am late to the linky party, I am actually scheduling this blog and my goal is to blog each day this week.
  23. I am excited for a four day work week.
  24. I am itching to shop for some make up from everywhere and anywhere but I know I shouldn't because I already have so much make up and I don't even wear make up every day.
  25. I am going to pray, read my bible and call it a night (scheduled post hehehe), GOOD NIGHT or GOOD MORNING depending on when you read this.


  1. Yayy! I'm so glad you did this! I just found you on keek! I'm on a few side bars too and I haven't seen many results either! I'm gonna grab your button and put it on my side bar anyway..cause it's pretty darn cute!

    1. Oh my gosh Becca, you are a doll!!!!
      Thank you so much, I will so the same once I get home tonight!!
      Love Keek!! LOL trying to get better at making bids LOL
      Thank you so much for visiting, for following and for let me hang out on your side bar!!