Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hey Treasures, Happy Saturday, I wanted to take Five Minutes of my Saturday and join.
Five Minute Friday
The Prompt this week is SHE and here are my 5 Minutes before I get ready for my GIG's birthday dinner. By the way, today is my Friday. Just kidding meant to do this yesterday.

She confesses that she still has many fears.  She knows the scriptures, the ones that tell her fear not, there is no fear in love, perfect love drives out all fears.  She knows the promise in Psalm 34:4 that says as she seeks the Lord, He hears her and delivers her from ALL her fears.

Yet she admits she still has fears. She asks God why.  She cries out to be free from the fears. Recently she became aware of her fear of failure which is rooted in a fear of abandonment that started when her dad died when she was just five years old. Oh my, this has really paralyzed her for so long. The other day as the Lord used her to minister His Word, she admitted to a church congregation that she battles with this fear. 

She explained how this fear keeps her from stepping out many times.  When someone battles this fear one just stays in the safe zone.  You don't want to do much because you feel safe that way. If you don't try or step out, there is no risk that you will fail.  When she was prompted to share this and admitted it, she felt no more fear. The guilt and condemnation of this horrible fear was exposed and now that it is exposed, she can work through it.  She shared how hard it was to admit that to them but that she felt much better after doing so.

Sometimes, we may know the answers, we may know the scriptures but it's not enough just to know, we have to live it out, hold on to the promises, make that declaration and believe the Truth. 
The truth that God has delivered me of ALL my fears so I (SHE) no longer has to live in fear. Oh what freedom that brings.


  1. I love this!! Life is not just about the knowing, we have to faith also. The faith to stretch and grow and fly. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Amen Patricia! Love that faith to stretch, grow and fly!! Love that.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Mrs.Aguila 💙💛